500+ hrs. Training

Over 500 hours of advance technical course and assistance.

10+ Certificate

10 available certificates on-demand ready for courses. Adding more …

200+ Networking

Company Contacts, Meetups, Reference Networking.

  Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Week 1 Intro to Web & HTML Mobile App Major Project 2.1
Week 2 Server Side & DB Game Development / CMS Major Project 2.2
Week 3 ERP & Digital Marketing Test + Mini Project 1.1 Major Project 2.3
Week 4 Web App - UI UX Mini Project 1.2 Major Project 2.4

Extra Specialization Classes Available.

Course Modes


Course for beginners.

1 Month

Crash Course.


Professional Course.

3 Month

Intense all-rounder Course.
Expansion Assistance.


Industry Leading course.

3 Month

specialization Course.


Topic Mastery

Month based

Advanced Specialization


  • All participants will start the course with 0 Trophies and Level 1.
  • These increase based on attending and performing in classes and scoring in tests.
  • In every batch, 2 participants with Top most Level and Trophies will get 50% fees waiver.


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